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Local sheriff addresses “Antifa” rumors

(WSIL) -- The Randolph County Sheriff's Office says they have no evidence to support the "Antifa" rumors that are circulating.

Various posts and articles on social media are making the claim that so-called 'Antifa terrorists' would be heading to Sparta, Illinois to burn farmhouses and kill livestock.

The Randolph County Sheriff's office released this statement on Thursday, June 4 regarding the issue.

"The Sheriff’s Office has received reports concerning an article that has been circulating on social media regarding the destruction of farm property and livestock in and around the Sparta, Illinois area. This article cites Antifa support, suggesting members of the “terrorist organization” to be out in full force throughout Randolph County.

Sheriff’s Office personnel have reached out to Law Enforcement Authorities specializing in this type of threat. We have no evidence leading us to believe this threat is at all credible. It would appear that the author’s goal is to place fear in our community members, thereby creating fear and discontent.

That being said, Sheriff Wolff wishes to remind our residents to always remain vigilant and report any suspicious behavior to your local authorities."

You can report suspicious behavior to the Randolph County Sheriff's Office by calling (618) 826-5484.

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