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Landlords sue Governor Pritzker over eviction moratorium

ILLINOIS (WSIL) — Another group adds to the list of lawsuits against Governor JB Pritzker during the state's stay at home order and Restore Illinois plan.

JL Properties and two others filed suit over the state's eviction moratorium. The moratorium suspends evictions due to COVID-19.

The lawsuit says the rule shifts burden from tenants to landlords without subsidizing their costs, landlords say they should have the same protections under state law.

The Illinois Rental Property Owners Association supports the suit.

"Small mom-and-pop landlords, who make up the majority of IRPOA members, have had their interests marginalized by the State of Illinois for too long. Corporate landlords may be able to absorb the losses that the Governor’s eviction moratorium imposes, but the majority of rental housing in Illinois is provided by average working class people who own a handful of rentals and rely on the monthly rent to meet their own obligations. Mom-and-pop landlords cannot go without income for over 5 months when sole proprietors have not been receiving assistance from COVID-19 programs to compensate for the lost income," a press release says. 

On Wednesday, the Illinois Supreme Court Rules Committee discussed changes to the eviction rules. The new Supreme Court rule would require eviction complaints to include copies of written eviction notices along with relevant portions of the lease broken by tenants. Advocates argued landlords should provide proper notice and a reasonable time period to resolve violations before moving forward with evictions. The judge leading the effort for change says it will make the eviction process fair, efficient and transparent.

WSIL's sister station, 13 WREX, reached out to Governor JB Pritzker's office for a comment regarding the lawsuit, we have not heard back.

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