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Carlisle County man arrested three times in four days


CARLISLE COUNTY, KY. (WSIL) -- A Bardwell man lands himself back in jail for the third time in less than a week.

On Sunday afternoon, Carlisle deputies arrested 32-year-old Devin Roberts for drinking and being in possession of alcohol, which violated terms of his bond from previous arrests.

Deputies discovered the violations when pulling over a vehicle and arresting the driver for being under the influence and Roberts was the passenger.

On Saturday News 3 reported that Roberts had been arrested for trying to start a fight with a male grocery store worker and had been making obscene remarks toward female employees.

Sheriff William Gilbert then found the 32-year-old at his home passed out in the front seat of a running vehicle while under the influence of alcohol. He already had a suspended license from previous DUIs.

Roberts also left his 3-year-old son at home with another adult who was also inebriated.

At that time, he was out on bond for felony theft after stealing equipment from the City of Bardwell.

On Tuesday, Roberts called the sheriff's office and had a deputy come to his home. He told the deputy that he had taken a waterproof case that was sitting next to a dumpster.

He then told law enforcement when he opened the case and inside were items labeled as property of the city.

However, deputies later found out that the case had been taken from a city building and contained emergency lights, hydraulic pumps, and other items that were valued at more than $5,000.

Roberts faces multiple charges stemming from these incidents.

Brooke Schlyer

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