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Class ring found after nearly four decades

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METROPOLIS (WSIL) -- A local diver and youtuber was able to return a long lost treasure to a Metropolis man who thought it was gone forever.

"I lost it in the summer of 81 and here it is 2020," says Jimmy Harris, Owner of the class ring found in Bell Smiths Springs.

"Whenever you jump off at Bell Smiths Springs there's a couple ledges and on the bottom ledge, 7 feet down, that ring was just sitting there. Whenever it was early morning the sun was hitting it just right and it just caught my eye and I dove down and grabbed it. It was just, it was unreal," explains Cody Sisk, Local Diver and Youtuber.

That's when Sisk turned to social media to try and find the owner of the ring.

"I was watching it and this guy picks up this ring, a class ring. I was like, he's at Bell Smith's Springs. I started reading the headlines of the YouTube video, you know, and I was like that's my class ring," states Harris.

Harris, Owner of the ring, says there was only one was to be sure it was his. "I met with him the other day and he brought me my class ring back. Here it is, it's got my name in the middle of it and everything. I'm a thousand percent sure now that it's my class ring."

Harris says he lost the ring 39 years ago while swimming at the springs. "I had put it in my shoe so I wouldn't lose it. I went to put my shoe on, went to put my other shoe on and heard a dink, dink, bloop."

Harris says he owes it all to Cody for not only finding the ring but returning it. "I have so much gratitude for Cody, for doing what he does and willingly wanting to give it back to you, people's lost treasures."

"There's not a word in the english dictionary that can describe how I feel. I mean after 40 years, like I told him, that's longer than I've been alive. You know what I mean? I couldn't even fathom, it was just unreal. It really was," says Cody.

Cody Sisk says he loves being able to help return lost items and he also takes the time to help the environment by cleaning up trash during his dives. You can check out his YouTube channel: Hitch13, here.

Jacie Brianne

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