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Milwaukee waitress gets tipped $500


Eau Claire (WQOW) - A random act of kindness from two strangers is making a big difference for one local waitress.

Dakota Yarrington and Virginia Bagan tipped their Milwaukee Burger Company waitress $500 on Saturday.

The couple raised money on the app Venmo, and used all the donations on top of some of their own money to leave the hefty tip.

The pair runs a local smoothie shop, Crave 80/20, and said because they have been able to stay open during the pandemic, they wanted to pay it forward to someone who may have had a hard time being out of work.

"I used to be a former waitress and a bartender, so giving someone that amount of money, knowing that it's going to impact them, I mean it could have paid their rent, it could have done anything for them," said Bagan. "So we're just so grateful to be able to do it to somebody."

The waitress who received the tip, Alix Carpenter, said she's going to use the money for just that, paying her bills, while setting some funds aside to have some fun.

She said she was shocked to get such a large tip, especially because she was actually working an extra shift, and the act lifted her spirits.

"Getting that and having that happen, that act of kindness, all day today I've just been in a really great mood," said Carpenter. "Just trying to spread the kindness that they showed me, trying to spread positive, happy vibes to everyone else because it was super cool."

Everyone involved said they hope the video of the exchange prompts others to spread kindness and do some good deeds for their neighbors.

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