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Southern Illinois fire departments receive equipment grants


SPRINGFIELD (WSIL) -- More than 150 Illinois fire departments will receive money to help purchase needed equipment.

A total of $3.5 million was awarded to 154 fire departments, districts and EMS providers through the Office of the Illinois State Fire Marshal's (OSFM) "Small Equipment Grant Program."

The program provides grants of up to $26,000 to purchase small firefighting and ambulance equipment.

“Ensuring that first responders have the equipment they need to operate effectively and safely is a top priority of the OSFM. Most smaller departments and districts struggle financially to replace or upgrade aging equipment. The impending fiscal impacts resulting from the COVID-19 crisis make the OSFM’s Small Equipment Grant Program even more critical to help ease that burden,” says Illinois State Fire Marshal Matt Perez.

“This is an awesome program and benefits my department in many ways. With everything going on in the world today, my department and many other departments have had to cancel fundraisers which provides funding to purchase equipment. We currently are using air-packs that are 20 years old, the bottles still pass all testing, but we are in much need of an upgrade. My firefighters, I believe, feel safer knowing we are providing them with state-of-the-art equipment when they put their life on the line as volunteers,” says Ava Volunteer Fire Department Chief Rodney Anderson.

Southern Illinois departments receiving grants are:

Tamms Volunteer Fire Department- $26,000

Omaha Fire and Rescue- $26,000

Campbell Hill Community Volunteer Fire Department- $25,962.88
Tower Rock Fire Protection District- $25,696.52
Ava Volunteer Fire Department- $26,000

Woodlawn Fire Protection District- $24,838.38
Waltonville Fire Protection District- $25,988

Buncombe Volunteer Fire Department- $25,487.76

Odin Fire Protection District- $26,000

Joppa Fire Department- $26,000

Rural Pope County Fire Protection District- $25,266.50

Mounds City Fire Department- $25,334
Mounds Volunteer Fire Department- $25,780.35

Coulterville Community Fire Protection District- $26,000
Percy Fire Department- $26,000
Red Bud Fire Department- $23,910
Tilden Fire Protection District- $25,237.04

Village of Carrier Mills Fire Department- $25,960

Cobden Fire Department- $24,524.30
Dongola Fire Department- $25,146

Ashley Community Fire Protection District- $16,000
Okawville Community Fire Protection District- $26,000

City of Carmi- $25,764
Enfield Fire Protection District- $25,276.25

Pittsburg Volunteer Fire Department- $24,788

Stonefort Fire Department- $23,360

Mandy Robertson

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