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Herrin’s Brandon Anthony relishes the opportunity to compete at Rend Lake

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Brandon Anthony Still

HERRIN (WSIL) -- Herrin's Brandon Anthony is one of the top basketball players in our area.

The combo guard scored over twelve-hundred points in his high school career, but wasn't heavily recruited.

Rend Lake wanted him, and this past week, Anthony's signing was made official.

He's a Warrior,

"Took a lot of stress off my shoulders because I had no idea where I was going to go and Rend Lake contacted me and I already some people I played against, great competitors and ball players sign there and I knew once they offered me, I was ready to sign with them and get going with them," Anthony said.

Anthony opened some eyes during Herrin's playoff run. The Tigers upset a very good Mount Vernon team that included a future Warriors teammate and Coach in Jackson and Doug Creel.

“I think it did open some eyes when the playoffs came around. I started to get the ball more in my hands. Ran the offense more through me in the playoffs and show a little more of what I was capable of.”

The all-conference player wants the ball in his hands with the game on the line.

"I like the hype. Like afterwards, if you make the big shot, everybody's like 'oh my God.' Coach Shurtz trusted me a lot and wanted me to take a good shot and you miss a hundred percent of the shots you don't take so shoot it."

Anthony comes to Rend Lake with some swagger, and sees himself as a guy who can contribute in many areas.

"I'd say a play-maker. Getting people, getting everybody involved, get open buckets, shoot if I have to."

And with the players Rend Lake has already signed ,Brandon believes he'll fit in nicely.

"I'm a competitor, I like going against good competition. I don't like going against just anybody I know I can score against. I like a good match-up to make me a better player and help them too become a better player. One of the dudes we signed, Skeet was the best defensive player I've ever played against.. I'm sure he can help me with my game, and I can help him with his game and everybody else."

And one thing is for certain. The future Warrior has something to prove, especially to everyone who overlooked him.

I know I can play with those guys and when I get up there I'm just going to show them 'OK we knew what he was doing and the other coaches wow maybe we should've taken a shot and yeah, I'll be like yeah you should've."

Jason Hurst

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