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Family of Madison Robinson continues search for justice

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CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. (WSIL) -- It's been almost 11 months since 15-year old Madison Robinson's death and her family is still waiting for justice.

"She was murdered in her own home," said Yameka Robinson, Madison's mother. "We were all ambushed like we were at war.

Robinson says a group of women came out of a car last August and "bum-rushed our yard and attacked me and my kids."

After the fight ended, Robinson took her kids, along with other children, inside for the rest of the night. After taking a shower, she heard gunshots hitting her home.

One of her sons survived after being shot in the leg. Madison died hours after being shot in the neck.

"It was the worst experience a parent could ever endure, hearing a doctor saying that they couldn't save your child's life" said Martez Johnson, Madison's aunt.

Last November the prosecuting attorney dismissed the charges after witnesses declined to testify one day before the trial.

Since October, Robinson has been holding protests outside the prosecutor's office to demand justice. She plans to hold another protest Wednesday at an undisclosed location.

"It's kind of like groundhog day. Everyday you wake up in the same nightmare," Robinson said. "Every single day you wake up and realize that your child is no longer with you."

The Cape Girardeau Police Department released a statement pertaining to Madison's death.

"This is still classified as an active investigation and our detectives are still working on the matter in an attempt to apprehend the suspect and receive justice for Madi Robinson and her family. Members of our community and representatives from various groups have been critical of our department as they incorrectly believe that we released information on the case to the public and potentially sent witnesses into hiding.

Our agency worked extremely hard to locate these witnesses in the first place and we have never released any witness information or other information that would have been compromising to this investigation. That information was gathered by a local media outlet from a Probable cause affidavit after the document became public record. The Cape Girardeau Police Department still desperately urges these witnesses to do the right thing.  Come forward, cooperative and help us to find justice for Madi Robinson, her family and all those involved in this tragic murder of a bright young girl in our community.

Danny Valle

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