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Fresh dirt around grave alarms Kentucky authorities

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Detectives Matt Hilbrecht and Brian Luckett sifted through fresh dirt on a 9-year-old grave disturbed last week in Aurora, KY. (Marshal County Sheriff's Office)

AURORA, Ky. (WSIL) -- Investigators in Kentucky are hoping someone can unlock a mystery of who dug into a grave in a local cemetery. 

It happened Friday in Union Ridge Cemetery in Aurora, Kentucky, that's east of Benton. 

Caretakers called the Marshall County Sheriff's Office to report the nine-year-old grave was recently disturbed.

Detectives Matt Hilbrecht and Brian Luckett responded to the scene fearing that something or someone had been freshly buried at that location. 

"The dirt was loose all the way down to the vault of the deceased," the post on the Sheriff's Facebook page said. "Thankfully no one was found between the vault and ground level."  

As some on the Sheriff's Facebook page speculated about grave robbers, Eddie McGuire clarified what detectives saw.

"Only the top half of the grave was disturbed. The vault couldn’t have been opened without more digging. That’s why we didn’t open vault," McGuire said. 

News of the incident confused some and outraged other residents.

"Totally disgusting and makes me sick to my to think someone did this for no reason! I hope they catch whoever did it and they can be punished! Total disgrace," Tracy Thorne said. 

"Why can't people respect the deceased? Let em rest," Maree Wilson said. 

The name of the deceased has not been released publicly. 

Anyone with information into the disturbance of the grave is asked to contact the Marshall County Sheriff's Office at 270-527-3112.

The family says there is a small reward for anyone who helps with the investigation.

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