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Carterville woman seeks help from Facebook after account was hacked

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hacking woes

CARTERVILLE (WSIL) -- A Carterville woman says her e-mail and social media accounts have been hacked and the process to get them fixed has her questioning Facebook's technical support procedures.

For some, checking social media is a daily routine. But last week, that all changed for Jennifer Spence.

"Checked my Facebook notifications on my phone and I was disabled and I immediately obviously wondered, 'why?' And I went to my personal e-mail and saw that I had just missed some Facebook notifications to reset my password," she said.

She realized someone had hacked into her e-mail, made $1,000 worth of fraudulent credit card charges and took control of her Facebook and Instagram pages.

"My brother saw my profile page with my photo taken down and the hacker had put up some type of Muslim-type flag," she said.

The hacker's posts violated Facebook Community Standards and now both of her accounts have been deactivated with no option to open a new one.

She says it's even affected her involvement with the page for Rise Above It Bakery and Cafe where she can't make new posts.

"Due to the economic downturn during a time like this with COVID-19, it's absolutely the worst time for Facebook, a company in their position to limit small business owners and marketers during this time," she said.

She's attempted over 20 times to reach Facebook and even submitted a job application to get their attention.

Local IT expert, James Mayer, says getting a response could be a challenge.

"They're an organization with millions, if not tens of millions of users now and if they made it easy for somebody to call every time an account was hacked or something like that, they'd have to have hundreds or thousands to field all those phone calls," he said.

Police have discovered the hacker's location is in Carbondale. Spence says she hopes for more answers soon.

"I'm just asking Facebook, 'let me explain my case, let me provide what's needed to get my account back," she said.

For the time being, information about Rise Above It Bakery and Cafe can be found on the Southern Illinois Eats Facebook page.

Maya Skinner

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