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KHSAA delays the start of the fall sports season

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LEXINGTON (KHSAA) -- The Kentucky High School Athletic Association (KHSAA) Board approves motion to set the planned starting date for interscholastic competition in the fall sports of XC, FH, SO and VB at Sept. 7; starting official practice date where insurance is in place for Aug. 24 (limited to 7.5 hours the first week) and move the starting date for Soccer postseason to Oct. 12 (condensing the first three rounds into two weeks) and leaving the postseason dates for XC, FH and VB as previously set on the calendar. (Will be finalized at next meeting).

The KHSAA Board approves a motion to set the starting date for Competitive Cheer and Dance at August 24 with a strong recommendation that all activity be held outdoors where safety equipment and conditions will permit.

The KHSAA Board approves a recommended motion to set the first official Football interscholastic contest as Sept. 11 with the first date of official practice as Aug. 24; set the 1st round of the Football playoffs for Nov. 13 and 14 (instead of Nov. 6 and 7); and set the FB finals for Dec. 11 and 12; with staff producing a specific calendar for acclimation to ensure three weeks of practice followed by the first competition week.

The KHSAA Board approves an adjustment to Bylaw 23 (limitation of seasons) for this year - that the allowance for interscholastic scrimmages be removed for all KHSAA teams until further notice, and that the limit on contests be reduced to correspond with the approved starting date and approves a reduction of Sanctioned Events to minimize exposure and ensure social distancing, with the motion stating that until further revised, the KHSAA will not sanction any event where NFHS sanctioning is required.

Item 2.5.3. Bylaw 22 scheduling restrictions for 2020-21 (until further notice) Board approves the recommended motion that until further notice, KHSAA member schools may only play schools located in Kentucky or located in a county that directly borders Kentucky.

Item 2.5.4. Reduction of event size for non-NFHS sanctioned events which schools are hosting approved motion by the Board in accordance with Bylaw 22, that events in the team sports of BA, BKB, FH, SO, FP, VB be restricted to no more than 8 teams until further notice.

The KHSAA Board approves a recommendation that all districts that have voted to seed with be reduced to a one-game seed plan until further notice; that if teams play multiple times, the first game played shall be the seeded game, and that seed games not played directly related to Covid-19 be handled per the Board's July action; and staff is directed to intercede and resolve contest disputes. The Board approves a motion that schools shall be placed in the appropriate alignment by the Commissioner in all sports and that schools shall notify the Commissioner on or before September 30 if they desire to not be included in postseason play; and the Commissioner shall redirect changes in postseason play as necessary.

Item Limitations on participants in uniform Board approves a recommendation to help ensure appropriate social distancing and until further notice, that interscholastic competition have limits on players in uniform with most of them matching current region and state event limits to include: Cross Country (10), Field Hockey (24), Football (60), Soccer (24), Volleyball (15) per contest.

Jason Hurst

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