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Rain water could be degrading your pool’s water

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(WSIL) -- Pool Co in Carbondale says they've seen a big jump in demand for pools and pool supplies since the pandemic began.

With the recent rainfall, they say pool owners need to keep an eye on their water's chemical levels.

Sonnia Stone, owner of Pool Co, says rain can change the chlorine and PH levels of your pool. If left unchecked, this could make your pool unsafe to swim in.

"Bacteria. I mean, chlorine is a sanitizer, it kills bacteria, so when it's not properly maintained, your sanitizers don't work efficiently, so bacteria grows, skin infections, I mean, just anything can go wrong."

Stone says to leave your pool uncovered in the rain, as covering it can lead to algae issues in the summer.

She also says it's important to get your water tested and that Pool Co will test your water for free.

John Ross

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