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Illinois eviction moratorium extended through August 22

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(WSIL) -- A statewide moratorium on evictions in Illinois remains in effect until next month.

According to industry watcher, Stout Consulting, 52% of household renters who make less than $50,000 a year are at risk for eviction this month.

Governor JB Pritzker first announced a moratorium on evictions in March. It was later extended through the month of July.

Last week, Gov. Pritzker announced the ban on evictions would stay in place through Aug. 22. But certain households are still at risk for homelessness.

"Lower-income people, Black and brown people, people with disabilities and other, you know, complicating factors," explained Illinois Legal Aid Director Teri Ross.

Stout reports 45% of those at risk for eviction this month are minorities.

Local property management broker, Jeff Woodruff, says its important for landlords to help their tenants.

"Certainly, we've tried to be responsive to tenant concerns for both incoming tenants and current tenants. So we've tried to make internal adjustments so that we don't put ourselves, prospective tenants, or just tenants, at risk," he said.

He says a few of his tenants are struggling to pay due to the COVID-19 crisis. Ross says there's still plenty of time to budget for your finances.

"Negotiate with anyone that you can: your landlord, your bank, your car lender," said Ross.

Woodruff says most of his tenants are SIU students and doesn't want evictions to affect their futures.

"These scars on credit reports last for seven years, and that's a long time. So it's a good idea to not run away from problems, but to face them and to try to make an accommodation, nobody wants to do an eviction," he said.

Ross says it's never too late to find new resources.

"We all understand now, that people have had a loss of income, the economy is on a string, and we're all getting through this together," she said.

The Aspen Institute predicts 800,000 Illinoisians could be homeless by the end of the year.

Maya Skinner

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