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Pro Basketball Player Justin Dentmon Committed to Helping his Hometown

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Justin Dentmon

CARBONDALE (WSIL)-- For former Carbondale High School Basketball player Justin Dentmon, the focus has always been giving back to his hometown. Dentmon's played a long career overseas and is coming off a top performance in the TBT. However, his philosophy has always been about giving back. He created the Dentmon Center which will house a professional basketball team in Carbondale as well as be a place for youth in the area to come out and play.

"First it was just like I get my own gym, have a hub where I can come and run all my basketball camps." said Dentmon. "Then I thought it could become much bigger than that. It could be a hub for everything indoor sports and outdoor sports. Te experience I have playing in the NBA and playing overseas, I want to give that back and teach them about things they don't get taught in school about their finances and saving money and things like that. I think that's big."

At Age 34 the Washington grad has played many years overseas. Just signing a new contract to play in Denmark. Dentmon says he has no plans to hang up the basketball shoes anytime soon.

"I’m going to play until the wheels fall off," said Dentmon. " I’m going to listen to my body and when y body says I can’t go no more then I'm going to stop, but right now I think me playing and just continuing to show myself I can do it it still gives other guys hope that kinda lost some love for the game over the years that if they see me on tv that I’m still doing it maybe they can too."

Dentmon's coming off a top performance in the TBT. Leading the tournament in average points per game.While his NBA dreams are still there, Dentmon is focused on the bigger picture.

"If it happens it happens," said Dentmon. "I'm not really try to force the issue. I just want to do what I do at the highest level and if that is playing overseas then I am doing it. I think that people think that playing in the NBA is the only professional sport. No you can go overseas and see the world. That’s what I have done I have gone overseas and seen the world. I have seen South America, Asia, Europe. "

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