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Tenants complain about bedbugs, cockroaches and other housing issues

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METROPOLIS, Ill. (WSIL) -- Residents of a Massac County Housing Authority Apartment complex are speaking out about troubles with the property. They're saying bedbugs and cockroaches are infesting their homes and that's along with structural and mechanical issues.

The Executive Director of the county housing authority said they're aware of the issues, and explains the plan of action they are taking to combat the problems.

Many of those living in Humma Apartments said they have a cockroach and bedbug problem. "They have only been out here of a couple of times for bedbugs but they have been spraying and feeding the the cockroaches," said Joyce Garcia, a Humma Apartment tenant.

The Executive Director of the Massac County Housing Authority, Andiamo White, who maintains the property said, they are aware of the infestation and are working closely with exterminators to get the problem under control.

"I think there may be something on our Facebook page, and on our website, informing tenants; but if tenants find out that they have bedbugs, they contact us, and the moment we find out, I contact our exterminator," said White.

Not only will an exterminator get sent out, tenants will also receive instructions on how they can help eliminate the bugs.

"I also give them a prep sheet, meaning what they the need to do before the exterminator comes to spray their unit, which is, as far as their clothing, they have to dry their clothes, their bed sheets, linens, they have to dry all of that and wash it and then dry it again," said White.

The elevator is another major concern for some of the residents. They said, it stops working around holidays because of the heavy traffic use it gets. That became an issue for residents again this past weekend over Labor Day; especially for those who are handicapped.

"The elevator company down to look at it yesterday and the maintenance tech said he's got to go back to his office to get that piece, and he would be back today. Unfortunately, we haven't heard from him about it yet, and he said if he didn't have then he would have to order it," said White.

Not all of the residents hold the housing authority responsible for the issues with the bugs. Some said, those problems stem from unclean residents.

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