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In person learning to resume in Mt. Vernon

Mt.Vernon Schools

MT. VERNON (WSIL) -- Students in Mt. Vernon have been learning from home so far this year, but that's about to change.

Aletta Lawrence, the Superintendent of Mt. Vernon City Schools, says by popular demand amongst both students and teachers, students will resume class two days a week in a hybrid A/B model beginning October 19th.

Lawrence says the details are not yet finalized, but in general, the plan is to have two groups of students rotating which days they attend class in person, with one day where everyone attends remotely.

Students will still have the option to choose the fully remote model.

"Twenty to twenty-five percent of the families are still going to choose to remain remote, and that is an option for them. So then on any one day, we'll have between thirty-five to forty percent of the children into the buildings."

Lawrence says the reduced capacity will allow for better social distancing -- and mitigation of the spread of the coronavirus.

John Ross

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