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Union County schools work together to feed students

union county lunch
Jonesboro Elementary School
Shawnee school district

UNION COUNTY (WSIL) -- Due to staffing issues within the Shawnee School District, the school needed help feeding their students.

"We got the call. We talked with our company that we use, Chartwells, and they stepped up and said that they can help us out and provide some meals for them," said Jonesboro Elementary Superintendent Kevin Westall.

This past week, the Jonesboro Elementary kitchen staff put together over 200 breakfasts and lunches for the Shawnee students every day.

"We're all in this together, and everybody's feeling the stress and it just helps that we're working together for the kids," said Shawnee Elementary School principal Amy Reynolds.

Westall says he's glad the school could provide some relief.

"You know, from time to time, we're rivals with sports and everything, but just being able to step up and help one another whenever they needed the help at this time is just a neighbor helping neighbor type of thing" he said.

Reynolds and Westall say they've learned a lot during this experience

"It's awesome, I mean we are really truly, we are a team so it was amazing they stepped up like that," she said.

"It is an undertaking of 207 meals, breakfasts and 207 lunch meals extra to do. But I think that also lets you know that people are still willing to help out still and do a positive thing," he said.

The partnership is temporary. The meals will be given out until the 22nd.

Maya Skinner

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