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Cooler weather giving some air conditioners a break

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Controlling a Smart Thermostat

CARTERVILLE (WSIL) -- Experts weigh in on how to capitalize on the pleasant weather.

This cooler weather has given many a chance to get outside and just enjoy the outdoors, but Lisa Gentz, the sales Manager at RSP Heating and Cooling, say it's also a great opportunity to save money on your utility bill.

"Well number one, the weather's so nice, so take advantage, open windows. I know some people have fall allergies, and that's kind of tough, but you know with the windows open, and we've got a beautiful day today, for instance, you can just save a little money by doing that."

But if you want to go beyond the usual game of seeing how long you can survive before firing up the furnace, there are some investments you can make.

"Smart thermostat's, right now, you know they've come down in price a lot, and they're going to be wifi capable, You can operate them with a smartphone remotely, you don't have to be in the house, They even have something now, what they call geofencing. The minute you leave your house, and you get so far away, thermostat automatically notices and sets your temperature either down or up depending, and you get within a certain distance of a house and it automatically turns it up, so it's kind of a no brainer programming."

If you've already done that, or you're just not that high tech, you may want to consider making your home more efficient.

"Adding insulation on your attic is a really good return on your dollar, and then it just continues to save you money as long as you live in that house."

Small changes can add up, especially over time.

"You know if you are using a programmable thermostat for instance, throughout the whole year, energy star says maybe up to $180 a year in savings just by letting your temperatures maybe drop or rise in the house over the course of the year, so."

Even if the weather doesn't allow you to turn your system off, Gentz says you can still make sure it's clean and running efficiently.

John Ross

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