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Election officials reassure voters their vote will be counted

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MURPHYSBORO (WSIL)--If you have a mail in ballot in Jackson County, you can come to the courthouse and turn your ballot into the drop box.

And as long as you followed the instructions on your ballot, the Jackson County clerk says your vote will be counted.

All ballots are counted by going through a tabulator. So when you vote, you have to make sure to fill in your marks very clearly, preferably with a black pen.

The pen will help ensure the machine can read your vote accurately.

If you follow all the steps, Jackson County clerk and recorder Frank Byrd says any issues with voting will be with the machine, which can be fixed.

"It's kicking it back out because it can't read. It's nothing that the voter has done, it could be just the equipment. And the scan on the equipment--you know they're getting older and that can be an issue. But other than that, nothing the voter can really do, other than maybe use a pencil, would cause it to keep kicking it back out until they had to stop and use a pen," said Byrd.

Any issues that are fed into the tabulator are expected to be addressed by an election official.

If you still haven't registered to vote in Illinois, you have two options.

You can register online until October 18th or you can register for in person grace period registration up until election day.

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