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Local pizza restaurant still trying to stay afloat


CARBONDALE (WSIL) -- Back in late June, Quatro's Pizza reopened for indoor dining. No more than three weeks later, a COVID-19 case forced the owner, Steve Payne to end indoor dining permanently.

He says the restaurant is still suffering from the temporary shut down.

The two-week closure cost more than $20,000 for cleaning and testing employees.

The owner says money from the PPE loan is running low as well. He says delivery and curbside options are the only way his restaurant can survive.

"We've had a lot of great customers and have been supporting us to keep going, as of many of the places in town, and I just encourage folks if you want to see your favorite long-time places out here, do everything you can to support them 'cause they need it more than they needed it before," he said.

Payne says there's still no exact date when indoor dining will be available.

Maya Skinner

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