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Challenges while managing through a COVID-19 shortened season

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Derek Shelton Thurs 6 SOT

TAMPA BAY, FL (WSIL) -- Former Saluki and current Pittsburgh Pirate Manager Derek Shelton just completed his first season as a big league manager.

With a shortened season amid a pandemic, this past baseball season was a challenging one.

"I think the thing that was the most challenging, when you come into St. Louis, I still have relatives that live in southern Illinois, they weren't able to come up," Shelton said. "People that supported me my entire career and we at almost every game when I was at Carbondale but probably the biggest thing, my two oldest kids, Jackson and Bella weren't with us all winter because they are older and doing things, summer I mean and they weren't able to attend any games and my mom and dad weren't able to attend any games. Ally and Gianna were able to get to a few games in Pittsburgh. The ownership there was very gracious in putting them in a box and stowing them away so they could see it but the fact that Jackson, Bella and my mom and dad weren't able to attend games, especially in St. Louis. My parents first date was in St. Louis at a Cardinal game and that is where we got our first win this year and that is where I got my first managerial win. Those were the things that were the most challenging."

Jason Hurst

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