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Family Video tries campaign to ‘Save the Video Store’ with nostalgia of renting


(WREX) — Remember when you could only get a movie by going to the video store? Streaming giants changed that, and while Family Video has survived the technology takeover, it too is now in danger of becoming just a memory.

So, the chain launched a campaign to keep it afloat. It may be old school, but for some, Family Video has yet to go out of style.

"For us, having a good time is having pizza and having a video," customers John and Julie Logothetti say.

The chain initially survived the competition of Netflix, which took down the likes of Hollywood Video and Blockbuster, but COVID-19 has hit the chain hard.

Family Video District Manager, Brianna Carlson, says "I had 12 that I just closed, so 12 of my locations shut down".

The chain can't rewind the clock, so it launched a new campaign to save the video store.

That campaign included erasing all late fees for every customer, and offering an "Everything in the store is a dollar" day. It also created t-shirts, with a hashtag, in hopes people will feel nostalgic about a nearly extinct business.

Carlson says, so far, the campaign seems to be working.

"We've signed up more new members, I would say, in my locations than we have in awhile," Carlson explains.

But with streaming services, like Hulu and Netflix, is their still room for something as tangible as a disc? Carlson says yes.

"Our regulars are amazing, they keep us afloat," Carlson says.

It's a campaign trying to resurrect the relic of renting, and hoping nostalgia will be what ultimately "saves the video store."

It's important to note the Herrin location closed before the pandemic. There are Family Video locations in Marion, Carbondale, and Harrisburg.

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