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FOID card delays continue, some wait up to a year

Illinois FOID cards

(WREX) -- Illinois State Police and Governor JB Pritzker say they are working on getting through as many FOID applications as quickly as possible, while lawmakers say their constituents are falling out of compliance due to the backlog.

Illinois State Police say they have seen an unprecedented number of FOID applications and Concealed Carry applications. CCL holders grew from 90,301 in 2014 to 343,299 in 2020, according to ISP. FOID card holders grew from 1.2 million to 2.2 million in the last decade.

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ISP says it authorized hiring 32 more firearms eligibility analysts in February and hired more temporary contractors. So far, it has only hired 21 of those full-time positions and the other 11 plan to start in January. It added 19 more contract employees and moved 7 sworn officers over to handle the surge. ISP adds that it modernized its call center and online access as well.

It says the average time to process a FOID application is 121 days and the average time for a concealed carry license is 145 days.

"These outcomes are unacceptable to the ISP," it said in a Facebook post.

Illinois House Republicans say their constituents fear they are breaking state gun laws because they can't apply or renew their FOID cards in time.

Some Illinois residents have waited up to a year to receive their cards, well over the 121-day average. House republicans plan to pass a proposal to eliminate the FOID card next year, however a similar bill has been brought up and failed in past sessions. Illinois is one of only four states to require one.

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