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Pets of the Week: December 17, 2020

St. Francis CARE: (618) 687-2079 (Murphysboro)
Wayne County Humane Society: (618) 847-4012 (Fairfield)
Spike (1)
Franklin County Animal Control: (618) 439-9197 (Benton)
PAWS Place Adoption Center: (618) 833-3647 (Anna)
Finding Forever Homes
Finding Forever Animal Rescue: (618) 922-5186 (Marion)
Olney Cat
Humane Society of Olney: (618) 392-2699

CARTERVILLE (WSIL) -- Six animals are up for adoption in this edition of Pets of the Week. We are featuring four dogs and two cats.

The first dog is Sedona a 2-year-old Labrador Retriever mix. She loves to play and hang out with her caretakers. Her adoption fee is $125 and includes her spay, microchip, and vaccines. She can be found at St Francis Care in Murphysboro.

Red is a beautiful pit mix that loves to go out and is well behaved around everyone. He does like to jump when excited, however, he can be taught to control this. You can find him at the Wayne County Humane Society in Fairfield.

Spike is a Labrador retriever/boxer mix and needs to go to a home without other pets. He needs someone who can spend time loving and training him. Call the Franklin County Animal Control in Benton for more information.

Franklin is a handsome young dog who is still learning to behave. He loves to be around people but can get over-excited. If you want to meet him, contact the PAWS Adoption Center in Anna.

Our first cat up for adoption needs a name as well as a new home for the holidays. This beautiful black and white male cat can be found at Finding Forever Animal Rescue in Marion.

The Humane Society of Olney also has a gorgeous black and white cat up for adoption. Details are slim but we do know that it is looking for a name and new home. You can contact the shelter for more information.

Dave Davis

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