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Winterizing outdoor faucets

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HERRIN, Ill. (WSIL) -- Homeowners may want to check outdoor faucets as temperatures drop. Experts tells News 3, hoses left connected to those spigots during freezing temperatures with water inside the pipe can freeze and expand and break the pipe. Greg Prince, a local expert from Southside Lumber explains there are steps homeowners can take now before a freeze to prevent a mishap from happening later on.

Prince said, a lot of people have Frost Free Hydrants on their homes. It is the pipe that stick out through the home, he said, it is best to put a cover on it to help keep some of the cold out. More tips, keep foundation vents closed and put heat tape and insulation on pipes to help keep them warm. These steps can help prevent them from freezing and busting.

Prince tells News 3 what to do if frost free hydrant freezes and bust.

Greg Prince, Assistant Manager, Southside Lumber: "You need to know where your shut off is, and even if you have a water key where you can go out to the hydrant outside where your water meter is and shut that off because you're going to have you're going to have water going everywhere. And, sometimes, you may here the water only, because it's underneath the floor and its running; and sometimes its hard to get to under there so you'll just shut your water off so you can see where it bust so you can replace that section of pipe," said Prince.

Prince said wind will freeze pipes faster than anything.

Homeowners who find themselves with busted pipes, the best thing to do is contact a local plumber.

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