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Jaxton Wiggs continues to impress behind the wheel

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Jaxton Wiggs Still

BENTON (WSIL) -- Benton's Jaxton Wiggs is this weeks Wicked Awesome Kid of the Week.

This 12 year old doesn't have a drivers license but he's special behind the wheel of a race car.

What kind of driver are you?

"An aggressive one, have an urge to win," Jaxton Wiggs said.

Benton's Jaxton Wiggs has the need for speed. This promising driver took home the checkered flag in the Restricted A-Class at the prestigious Lucas Oil Tulsa Shootout in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

What's amazing about this accomplishment, is Wiggs is just 12 years old. 4 years away from getting his drivers license and being able to go 70 plus miles an hour on the open highway.

"He's really smooth and he always seems to know where he's at all the time on the racetrack," Jaxton's dad Jeff Wiggs said. "He's just got a talent and a knack for it. Knows where to go, where to put the car, where not to put the car. He's really took to it."

"It's a good car," Jaxton said. "It's got me through a lot. You can put it anywhere and it'll go. You can put it on top or the bottom It'll do its best."

For the Tulsa Shootout, Drivers came from as far as California from out west and Delaware and Florida on the east coast

Jaxton won in a restrictor plate divsion and there were 96 kids competing with ages ranging 9 to 16.

He also competed in a non restrictor division. You have to be 12 to compete in that and Jaxton just turned 12. 300 kids competed in that class.

"Take this race he won at Tulsa. If you want to compare it to other sports it'd be like a 12U baseball team winning the Little World Series," Jeff Wiggs said. "It's a big deal for our sport to win the Golden Driller. Something very few people from this part of Illinois has ever done or Illinois period."

What comes to mind when you see the winning trophy? What do you think of?
"The Golden Driller. Winning the biggest race of my life," Jaxton said. "Bunch of excitement. It's a Golden Driller. Not many people win those.

Jaxton is a third generation driver with NASCAR dreams.

"Always been a part of my life," Jeff Wiggs said. "Born in June and was probably at the race track in June. Been there my whole life."

"I've always told him, if you don't want to race, you don't have to. One day he came to me and said, I think I want to race and I saiw we'll try it. As long as he enjoys it and wants to keep doing it, we'll support him. But if there ever comes a time where he says dad I don't want to do it, then that will be his decision."

And on race day Jaxton becomes someone other than a 12 year old kid.

"Race car driver," Jaxton said.

"I'm more nervous to watch him race than myself when it's your son out there," Jeff said. "Very proud of him, he's done a very good job. He's won some pretty good size races to have three years racing experience so he's doing really awesome."

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