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Quatro’s Pan Pizza prepares to reopen indoor dining

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CARBONDALE (WSIL) -- Quatro's Deep Pan Pizza is a Carbondale staple. And with indoor dining reopening, many in the community take it as a sign of things returning to normal in the midst of the pandemic.

"I used to always go to Quatro's. I love it. I'm glad to see it's back open," said customer Zeus Milhouse.

"Honestly, I'm glad to see it's back open and stuff. A lot of stuff's been closed and everything. Glad to see it's not taking a toll and we can try to get back into it," said customer Mitch Winn.

And the pizzaria holds sentimental value for it's patrons.

"I love Quatro's. I know when I woke up from my medical coma after my car accident, Quatro's was one of the first dishes I was able to enjoy. So it has a special spot in my heart," said Angelo Wilder.

But Quatro's had to undergo some changes in order to allow customers inside.

"The reality is things are not gonna work as smooth as they were if we were wide open all the time," said owner Steve Payne.

Fifty to sixty percent of Quatro's business came from inside patrons, and when COVID-19 restrictions took that away, staffing was reduced to make up costs.

Now, for indoor dining to return, staffing numbers need to grow, but it's not as easy as it sounds.

"Inbetween fears of wanting to work and other issues there, it's been a challenge to pick up people," said Payne.

And while indoor dining could be rolled back at a moment's notice, it's a chance Payne is willing to take.

"At best we were treading water. We have been treading water on here. I've been blessed to have a pretty good size parking lot to do the curbside, to be able to buffer a lot of cars, so it's been ok. But it's just not quite the same. Our machine is geared for a mostly dine in situation," said Payne.

And while staff are adjusting to the new regulations, Payne asks customers who choose to dine in to help the staff out a little bit.

"All we can ask our patrons is, if you get someone to come up to your table, you know, mask up for a second. Help us out a little bit to help yourselves. And I think we can all get through the whole deal here until we can see a better time," said Payne.

Quatro's will have indoor seating daily from 11 am until 10 pm.

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Madeline Parker

Madeline Parker is a Multimedia Journalist at News 3 WSIL. Madeline joined the team in 2020 and graduated from Southern Illinois University Carbondale with a Bachelor’s in Electronic Journalism and a minor in Communication Studies.

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