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Apple issues warning: Keep iPhone away from pacemaker


(CNN) -- Apple is warning customers: It says its new iPhone 12 could interfere with certain medical devices, including pacemakers.

The notice published on Apple's support page specifically warns users about magnets inside all four iPhone 12 models, as well as Magsafe charging accessories.

In the update, Apple said it recommends keeping iPhones and Magsafe chargers a "safe distance" away from medical devices.

It defines as more than six inches apart, or 15 inches apart when wirelessly charging.

Apple did not immediately respond to a request for comment on why it's expanding on the safety guidance.

However, the Heart Rhythm Journal released a report in early January saying the magnets in the iPhone 12 that make it compatible with Magsafe accessories could interfere with an implanted defibrillator.

Something else for iPhone 12 users to be aware of when using the Magsafe chargers; damaging magnetic strips or RFID chips.

Apple says you should avoid placing credit cards, security badges, passports or key fobs between your phone and your Magsafe charger.

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