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Bodycam and dashcam video of Circuit Clerk DUI arrest

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Austin Crabb
Dashcam and Bodycam of Austin Crabb Arrest

WILLIAMSON COUNTY, Ill. (WSIL) -- A closer look at police evidence in the case against Williamson County Circuit Clerk Austin Crabb.

Last Thursday, Crabb was taken into custody and charged with Driving Under the Influence.

She resigned from her elected position over the weekend but her resignation has yet to be officially approved.

News 3 filed a freedom of information act request to get the police report, here's what was discovered from the dashcam and bodycam video provided by the Marion Police Department.

While the case proceeds through the court system, she is considered innocent until proven guilty.

The police videos provide context for the charges against her.

It all began on West Main Street in Marion just after Midnight on Thursday morning. Marion Police pulls over the newly elected Williamson County Circuit Clerk Austin Crabb.

"When you were driving down the road you keep going back and forth, crossing the line, and when you made your turn up here. First off you drove over the white line here, you almost hit the curb so I was concerned about that," said a Marion police officer.

Then the officer asked Crabb how much she has had to drink and she said a beverage. You now hear officers talking amongst themselves about Crabb's condition.

"Oh, she's definitely drunk, but I don't know if she's going to go along with the program," said the officer.

Crabb makes clear her role in Williamson County.

"First thing she did was throw out at me is I'm the Williamson County Circuit Clerk. That's why I'm here. Yeah, she said she was coming from work right now. I'm like, at midnight? I'm mean the slurring is incredible," said Marion police officer.

Officers ask Crabb to step out of her vehicle to perform a sobriety test.

Crabb asked, "so what are we doing?" asked Crabb, the Marion Police Officer, "we're doing a field sobriety test on you to make sure you're okay to be doing the driving." Crabb said, "No." The officer said, "hold your hands behind your back. You are under arrest."

While in the back of the squad car, she asks for assistance.

"Hey Siri, call Brandon Zanetti.
Is this real life, is this real life.
Never in my God **** life. Y'all are pathetic."

Crabb was driven to the police station where she was booked.

She later filed a petition to rescind with the court, indicating the officer's arrest was unlawful.

The Williamson County Republican Party called for her resignation over the weekend and she agreed.

They tell News 3 they are reviewing it and will discuss it later this week.

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