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Inexperienced Carbondale basketball team is eager to learn

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carbondale terriers basketball team

CARBONDALE (WSIL) -- On Friday, we learned all Illinois high school sports are returning to action. The Carbondale Terriers got right to work.

On Monday, we stopped by practice to get a look at the Terriers.

This is a young team, a squad with virtually no varsity experience. This group of Terriers are eager to learn and Coach Miller is doing what he enjoys best, teaching, and his guys are buying in.

"The temperament has been outstanding, their focus has been above average as well as their effort," Carbondale Head Boys Basketball Coach Jim Miller said. "They just like the camaraderie, the idea of being with their teammates, the social aspect. We often talk about the physcial aspect of what COVID has done, but it's the social aspect, it's the mental aspect. We like to talk about the holistic approach, the body, the mind, the spiritand right now they are getting all three by being able to practice."

"To go from a lower classman with no experience to now try and be a leader on this team, a varsity leader, hopefully, it's a big jump for sure and something I'm ready for, I think and working towards for sure and I'm excited to get after it really learn a lot for sure," Carbondale junior Alex Baughman said.

Darius Ragland is a senior for the Terriers, he's also the quarterback on the school's football team. Ragland is a leader on the gridiron, he's the only returning Terrier with playing time on last year's basketball team. His minutes, experience and leadership are key to this squad. He's like another coach on the floor.

"The way the younger kids are listening, they are not only listening to Coach, they are listening to the upperclassmen, and when they listen to the upperclassmen, they are able to retain a lot more knowledge, and when they retain knoweldge we are a much better basketball team," Darius Ragland said.

Jason Hurst

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