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Kentucky school holds healing event three years after shooting

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BENTON, Ky. (WSIL) -- It's the third anniversary of a high school shooting that happened in Benton, Kentucky.

The community is coming together, Saturday morning, to reflect and continue the healing process.

Just three years ago, two Marshall County High School students passed away and 22 others were wounded after classmate, Gabriel Parker opened fire in the school's commons areas.

"He just walked in and there were probably five or six hundred students in that area and just and opened fire," said the Marshall County School District Superintendent Trent Lovett.

This year's senior class were Freshmen on campus at the time of the shooting and Trent Lovett said a majority of the facility and staff have stayed on with the district too.

"There were a couple of eight students that were juniors there. We're still in the healing process and we probably will be for a long time," said Lovett.

Marshall County Resiliency Center, a non-profit, is helping with the process by organizing the healing event.

"Our purpose is just to come together, to reflect, to have a collective healing and strengthening moment, and to reaffirm resiliency in our community," said Coordinator Jayna Burkey from The Marshall County Resiliency Center.

Superintendent Lovett is proud of the strength and courage everyone at Marshall County High School has demonstrated and continues to display day after day.

"It's not easy, I mean today was not an easy day for them. They have been involved in something you can't explain, so to see them be able to show up every day and do what they are supposed to do and love the kids the way they do. I'm just so proud of our staff and also very proud of our students," said Lovett.

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