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Tips from AAA insurance to prevent frozen pipes

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Open cabinet doors to help prevent pipes from freezing
Let faucet dip to help prevent pipes from freezing

(WSIL) -- AAA Insurance reports the average claim for a frozen pipe could cost you more than $7,400.

What can you do to protect your home?

Experts from AAA said to remove hoses from exterior faucets.
Keep bathroom and kitchen cabinet doors open to let warm air circulate around the pipes and let faucets drip a little to keep the water moving and prevent pipes from freezing.

Nick Chabarria, Public Affairs Specialist: "It certainly pays to take extra precautions now to before we have that prolong period of below-freezing weather to prepare your homes so your pipes don't freeze and you don't wind up with a big bill and possibly a headache," said Nick Chabarria, a Public Affairs Specialist from AAA.

AAA recommends to contact your insurance agent immediately if you do experience damage from frozen pipes.

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