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New Franklin County Courthouse making progress

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Benton courthouse

BENTON (WSIL) -- Construction for the new Franklin County Courthouse is well underway despite our recent wintry weather.

"Right now the construction on the court house is going very well. We had a great January. We got a lot done in January so we were a little ahead of schedule there," says Franklin County Board Member, Kevin Weston.

Weston says while the weather has been active the past couple of weeks the winter season as a whole has been good for construction. "February being as cold as it's been and with the snow it's set us a little bit behind on the one wall here. That is the northeast wall and then we're also going up the south bearing wall with is slowed down a little bit as far as the masonry goes."

Franklin County Board Member, Randall Crocker, says even though the weather set them back a little, a couple of weeks is not much in the grand scheme of the project.

"The type of work they're doing right now is, the weather is a big factor in it. Laying blocks and doing the steel erection but you can see there's still a lot of blocks that have been laid and a lot of steel been erected," explains Randall.

Crocker says he has some concerns about building supplies down the road. "I think the bigger concern that I have personally, is what you hear about building supplies being hard to get. As you get into more of the finished products that the building will need, hopefully that won't be a problem. Right now obviously concrete blocks and steel is pretty easy to get."

Weston says when the project is complete it'll be a great addition and upgrade. "I just would like to thank the people of Franklin County for their support and I hope they look forward to this Courthouse going up and being a part of the community."

Construction of the building is currently projected to be finished in May of next year.

Jacie Brianne

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