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Kroger, other chains to keep mask rules in place in states lifting requirement

CINCINNATI (WSIL) - One of the nation's largest supermarket chains says it will still require staff and shoppers to wear a mask, even where state governments are lifting a mandate.

Texas and Mississippi this week said they will allow that mandate to expire, citing encouraging numbers regarding the pandemic.

On Wednesday, Kroger -- based in Cincinnati -- issued a statement reading:

The Kroger family of companies will continue to require everyone in our stores across the country to wear masks until all our frontline grocery associates can receive the COVID-19 vaccine.

The company operates stores under the Kroger brand along with other chains, including Harris Teeter, Fred Meyer and Ralph's.

Other companies that will continue to require that masks are worn include Costco, Best Buy, Macy's and Target.

Neither Illinois nor Kentucky have announced any plans to loosen state mandates on masks in most public venues. Missouri has never instituted a mask mandate.

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