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Voter questions alleged voting irregularity in Saline County

Harrisburg Voter Irregularity
Voting irregularity in Saline County

HARRISBURG, Ill. (WSIL) -- Polls are closed in Missouri and Illinois for April 6th's consolidated election. While voter turnout was low, one voter tells News 3 she's concerned about her vote counting.

News 3 took her concerns to county election officials.

One question centers around the vote tabulator at a polling location Tuesday afternoon in Harrisburg. The voter's second question is whether or the total count number changed when she submitted her completed ballot.

"It was like something told me to look at the count, and I've never in my life done that," said Tylar Price.

Price says she's been voting at precinct three in Harrisburg at the McKinley church polling place since 2010. She tells News 3 she had never questioned her vote being counted until now.

"It said total count, it said 60 and I put my ballot in and it stayed at 60. It did not go up to 61," said Price.

"Harrisburg polling place number three totaled 22 and Harrisburg polling place number four totaled 38, so it was 60. 60 votes so we knew there was not a problem with the machine," said Jimi Williams-Cox, the Saline County Clerk.

Price disagrees and said the machine malfunctioned.

"The other two people who put their ballots in after me, it went to 61 and 62," said Price.

This seems to be where the disagreement lies. Price said her ballot should have made the total count number roll up to 61 but she said there was no change. Instead, it stayed at 60.

Whereas the Saline County Clerk said Price's ballot would change from 60, to 61. County Clerk Jimi Williams-Cox said she's never heard of this happening before.

In fact, they have a plan in place if there are any questions.

"We've got the election vendor on site if there's a problem with the machine and they will go out and do whatever they need to do, but we have not had to do that," said Williams-Cox.

The vendor was not called in and now Price says she's concerned about whether or not ballots are being counted.

"This about right is right and wrong is wrong. And my ballot, it was not counted. It was not counted," said Price.

Williams-Cox insisted there was no problem with the machine.

Voters have the option of filing a complaint with the Saline County Courthouse and Illinois State Board of Elections.

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