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Golf balls break tie for Cutler board race

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PERRY COUNTY, Ill. (WSIL) -- It's been more than a week since election day, but one key race in Perry County was still up in the air until Thursday. Voters had their say in the race for Cutler's Village Board, but the race ended with a three-way tie.

Perry County Clerk, John Batteau, says it came down to golf balls to help break the tie. The three candidates even agreed to sign a form about the procedure.

In the April 6th election, five candidates ran for three open seats.
Daniel Curry won with 27 votes. But it was Melvin Carrothers, Lisa Tindall and Shane Helvey who received 23 votes.

Bateau says the process was an interesting experience for him and says state's election code for tiebreakers, statute 22-3, doesn't specify what item can be used for the tie.

He says he heard some have done a coin toss, but decided to go a different route.

"I said well I wanted something a little more tangible than that. I decided to take three golf balls and write each of their first names on there and we put them in a paper sack and I had one of the photographers to reach in a pull two balls out," he said.

The winners were Tindall and Helvey. They thought the tie breaker idea was fun.

"I thought it to be, you know, drawing lots could mean many things. I have to say the golf ball idea was original, but I like it a lot better than picking numbers from inside somebody's head," said Helvey.

"It took a little of the edge off because, you know, you're a little nervous come election time. This was my first time I ever run for the board or anything, so I was nervous. And then for three of us to have a three-way tie, I was a little nervous," said Tindall.

News 3 asked for comment from Melvin Carrothers and says he thought the process was fair.

Now that the race is over we asked the winners what their goals for Cutler were and they both say they want to help the city grow and bring more jobs.

Maya Skinner

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