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Paducah Police Department bomb squad acquires new equipment

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paducah bomb squad

PADUCAH, Ky. (WSIL) -- News 3 is getting a first look at the Paducah Police Department bomb squad's new equipment. They just recently acquired it through hundreds of dollars in grants from the Department of Homeland Security.

The Paducah Police Department says since 2019 they've acquired new equipment for their bomb squad.

After 20 years, their bomb suits have reached the end of their shelf-life and now they have four new ones. They can weigh up to 80 pounds and protect technicians from heat and other threats to their organs.

"The other thing that helps us out with the community is not only do we serve McCracken County, but we serve all of western Kentucky as well, so we're always getting calls from other agencies whether it be for explosive related needs or even to assist with different S.W.A.T. teams on maybe a barricaded subject-type of situation," said officer Danny Slack.

Slack says they have had their robots for about 15 years and their new one has more speed, agility and an updated arm that can move and navigate in between various kinds of spaces.

"It has numerous cameras. One being a thermal camera, which allows we can use for if we're going into a situation where there's like a homemade explosives lab. If someone has something they're making in the house, we can use the robot to pick up any heat signatures," he said.

After last week's Paducah City Commission meeting they've been approved through a grant to receive a new X-Ray system.

"What the new X-Ray system allows us to do is once we go down and actually take an X-Ray a package to give us a digital immediate feedback that we're able to get real-time footage of what's inside the device," he said.

Slack says they're pleased about how the new equipment will help the community and incoming members.

"It's definitely a lot user-friendly when we add new guys to our squad and are able to get up to speed at lot quicker," he said.

Maya Skinner

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