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Diaper prices continue to climb

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(CNN) -- Diapers are expensive and getting even more so, making things tougher for low-income families already struggling with the pandemic's economic impact.

According to the CEO of the non-profit National Diaper Bank Network, one in three U.S. families struggled to afford diapers even pre-pandemic.

The average monthly diaper bill for one child is $80. If you make minimum wage and work full time, that's nearly 8 percent of your take home pay.

The past year hasn't helped.

According to retail sales tracker Nielsen IQ, disposable diaper prices jumped 8.7 percent during the year ending April 10, 2021. And diaper makers recently said they are planning additional price hikes.

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The reason is diaper makers are paying higher material and shipping costs and coping with supply-chain disruptions.

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