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SIU discusses race and athletics in virtual panel

siu campus, carbondale
SIU Carbondale

CARBONDALE (WSIL) -- On Tuesday, faculty, staff, students and SIU alumni discussed the history of race and athletics within the university and beyond. They held a virtual panel focusing on issues regarding equity and justice in the U.S.

From diversity to marching, the panel shared their own personal stories about how recent and past civil unrest influences the sports world.

Many topics were discussed, including how to improve marketing to under-represented groups, balancing being an athlete and activist, to improving sports programs and creating more inclusion.

One panelist says in order to bring new voices, it is also important to think about all areas of sports, instead of just the well-known ones like basketball and football.

"To focus specifically on the popular sports leaves us at a disadvantage towards understanding the experience of Latinx, Asian-American, Native-American and other cultures that participate in the less popular sports such as boxing, tennis, track and field, etcetera. So they're existence in a broad world of sports also matters...I think their voice matters as well," said panelist Isais Smith.

The panel concluded the event with questions from audience and shared some encouraging words of stepping outside of your boundaries to make a difference in your community.

Click here to watch the discussion.

Maya Skinner

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