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11-year-old Metropolis girl begins program to end period poverty

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Team Thompson Homeschool Period Project

ULLIN (WSIL)---When 11-year -old Lilly Thompson started learning about menstrual cycles in health class, she heard statistics that worried her.

"It brought up period poverty and me and my mom decided we wanted to look more into it. And we realized it was actually a pretty big thing," said Thompson.

1 in 5 teens struggle to buy period products, such as pads or tampons.

Thompson started calling up schools and learned the local need was one in three teenagers could not afford hygiene products.

"I guess I just wanted to help out and learn more about everything," said Thompson.

Thompson and her mom decided to Team Thompson Homeschool Period Project.

Through the project, they created starter and cycle kits full of products to help girls who have a hard time affording products, and donated them to different schools.

Thompson has donated hundreds of products to schools like Century School District, where nurses typically supply some products.

"There are a lot of kids out there who come to me for supplies, because I do keep supplies in my office for them. There's not a huge amount of kids that do so, but every once in a while, you'll get someone random in," said Century School District Nurse Kim Reagan.

Now, Thompson hopes to spread more awareness and encourage girls not be scared to ask for help.

"You shouldn't be afraid to talk about it. Every girl goes through it," said Thompson. "The last thing a girl should worry about is her period."

You can learn more about the Team Thompson Homeschool Period Project on their Facebook page.

You can also donate directly to the project through PayPal to the username or purchase items to donate through Amazon.

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