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UNSUNG HERO: Floann Mitchell

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MCLEANSBORO, IL (WSIL) -- One Hamilton County woman has left a legacy of the importance of volunteerism and helping your community.

After raising seven children, Floann Mitchell started volunteer work to fill the void. Her green thumb led her to help with the Hamilton County Chamber of Commerce Beautification Task Force. The group planted flowers around the town square in Mcleansboro and decorated the gazebo at the Courthouse for different community events and holidays. While doing that, Floann found time to also participate in the Senior Reader program, where she volunteered to read to children at East Side Grade School. She did both of these for more than 20-years.

"You can always find time to volunteer if you just budget your time accordingly," said Floann's long-time friend Bernadine Drone.

Sadly, Floann died on April 19 at 85-years-old. Drone, who did some of the projects with her, said Floann had near-perfect attendance in the Senior Reading program. She called Floann a perfect example of how busy life can be, but there's still time to volunteer and do for others.

"You can always find time to volunteer if you {just} budget your time accordingly. There's some people that don't seem to ever pick up on volunteering very much, and if they do, they always enjoyed it. Most people I know, if they ever get started, they really do enjoy doing it, and that's the way it was with her," added Drone.

Drone said Floann also shared her love for music by volunteering at many community events and nursing homes, singing and playing her guitar. She said Floann would never consider herself a hero. She just lived an active life doing what she loved.

Floann leaves behind 15 grandchildren and 12 great-grandchildren. She would have been 86-years-old on Saturday, June 19.

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