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SIU professor spearheads new exhibit in NYC

SIU Gems&Minerals

(WSIL) -- A professor at SIU-Carbondale has helped develop an exhibit for the American Museum of National History in New York City.

Daniel Hummer has been a Professor of Geology at SIU for nearly five years, but now his work is gaining national attention. Leadership at the museum contacted Hummer to serve as the main scientific consultant for an exhibit titled, 'Mineral Evolution', which is now a part of a new museum hall dedicated to gems and minerals.

"And what we wanted to do with this exhibit is tell the story of the earth from a different perspective than the public is used to. We're telling it from the perspective of, 'How did earth develop such a huge number of mineral species and what were the major events in earth's history that catalyzed that evolution.'"

This new exhibit is expected to be permanent, and Hummer says it should be around for the next 30 plus years.

John Ross

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