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Delta Variant concerns makes the stock market swing


(WSIL) -- After the S&P 500 dropped Monday, local experts say Delta news can determine how the stock market will be doing.

SIU Professor Kevin Sylwester said the 2% change isn't common, but not unprecedented.

As COVID and Delta cause supply disruptions, Sylwester said the worse news that comes from from the virus will make the stock market worse as well.

"You can kinda think of this whiplash going back and forth, and until we do get a grip on what's gonna happen with and specifically with this Delta variant, then we should expect big movements in the stock market, one way or the other," said Sylwester.

After the drop, the S&P has stabilized and went up Tuesday by 64 points.

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Madeline Parker

Madeline Parker is a Multimedia Journalist at News 3 WSIL. Madeline joined the team in 2020 and graduated from Southern Illinois University Carbondale with a Bachelor’s in Electronic Journalism and a minor in Communication Studies.

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